Vitra Inspiration

Idea Lab by Bene

Vitra Inspiration

Yahoo! collaborative space

One of Australasia’s largest and most trusted commercial furniture designers and manufacturers, Schiavello has helped to create some of the region’s most exciting, inspirational work and living environments. Working with Schiavello has enabled Kada to support clients with a strong and co-ordinated offering of a streamlined and consistent suite of products and services.

Talent by Actiu
Toku designed by Gavin Harris for Schiavello

Toku designed by Gavin Harris for Schiavello. The design concept for 'Toku' is centred around collaboration and open discussion. Toku simply means 'talk' in Japanese.

Actiu Inspiration

“Creativity is a must – from innovation, to breakthroughs, to new devices or users of what we already do. One must be at the edge of science to stay visible. If you stay still in the office, inspiration definitely won’t come”.
Samual Sanchez
Vitra Inspiration

Actiu is an eco-friendly office furniture company based in Alicante, Spain. Recognised for their sustainable initiatives, as well as efficiency. Each furniture piece is designed with the intention of improving the well-being of the user. Actiu is a LEED platinum company committed to sustainable practice. Completely self-sufficient they harvest rainwater and solar energy from the sun.

Agile Table by Schiavello
Actiu inspiration
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