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A purpose designed innovation lab built to support revolutionary thinking. 


Actiu is an eco-friendly office furniture company based in Alicante, Spain. Recognised for their sustainable initiatives, as well as efficiency. Each furniture piece is designed with the intention of improving the well-being of the user. Actiu is a LEED platinum company committed to sustainable practice. Completely self-sufficient they harvest rainwater and solar energy from the sun.

tip ton at university

Konstanz University, Germany 


Yahoo! Lodge

Communicative zones encourage chance communication, inspire new ideas and facilitate the spontaneous exchange of information.
university quiet room
Whass Chair

Whass is the new super- stackable, multi-purpose and functional chair program by Actiu.

Whass Chair by Actiu

Bene believes in the power of innovation. With a product portfolio that comprises of furniture for all sections and areas of the modern office, Bene develops integrated concepts for their clients with a focus on functionality, quality, and design that can truly be seen in each of their products. Bene creates inspiring environments that respond to the challenges of the working world.


PwC Experience Centre

Brooklyn Public Library
hal inspo

The Hal chair family comprises a versatile seating family with a clean contemporary look.

Stool Tool

The Talent series is movable, quick to store, comfortable and easy to lift. 

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