Designed by Christian Horner for Bene
Pixel is a customisable and versatile solution to ever changing environments. Pixel may look like a box but it can also be a table, a bench, a platform and so much more. Pixel building blocks ensure that you can flexibly shape space to support a number of different team tasks. Pixel brings a new dimension in team working and meeting culture to the workplace, creating playground-like spaces that encourage lively group dynamics and creativity.
Workshops in Workflow.
Particularly during workshops, it is often necessary to change the spatial environment several times a day. Pixel enables you to quickly and easily reshape the spatial setting to meet your requirements. This is not only incredibly practical, but helps to clear the mind.
Whether a classic meeting or creative workshop, either presenting or developing, Pixel opens up new dimensions for teamwork. With Pixel you can design your space as needed. Encouraging a real discussion culture Pixel helps to break down barriers and opens up new ways of teamwork.
Stools designed for Idea generation and collaboration, great for creative environments and education spaces.




Modulor and reconfigurable setting

Minimal Materials

Seating, Table, Leaner, Stool, Terrace Seating, Benches, Storage

Book or bag slot for storage

Steel handle that doubles as stability mechanism between boxes


Each pixel  360W x 360D x 381H mm


8 -10 weeks


Box made of 12 mm natural untreated pine plywood

Glides (stacking connection) Black synthetic material

Arms (row connection) foldable black steel


5 year


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