Smart locker solutions for agile workspaces. Smartalock enhances the 'ABW' way of working by allowing dynamic use of personal and shared locker space where it's needed. 
Combining intelligent electronic lock hardware with powerful applications in a complete package - Smartalock can be retrofit to existing lockers or we are able to design seamless locker joinery recessed into a wall or floor.
Post Installation.
New Zealand based post installation support is included.
Real time user-analytics available for project managers and facilities staff to identify free lockers and quantify how many are in use. Designers are able to future proof designing an environment with a reduction in floor space.
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1x USB fast charge in each locker unit
All Smartalock systems work with android & apple smartphone. Download the Smartalock App free from the app store.
The Smartalock app locks easily and allows shared remote access.





Works with Smartphones, Building Access Cards or the Smartalock kiosk

Bright interior LED light makes finding locker contents easier

Simple 1 tap operation, or shake-to-unlock

High strength steel latch withstands 160kgs of force before opening (which triggers both audible and remote alarms)

No ongoing maintenance costs or environmental battery disposal issues


ex stock / 6 weeks


Slimline white acrylic

3mm thick quality ABS plastic

Client has flexibility on position of touchscreen kiosks.


2 year