Noom Chair Family

Noom came about from the need for multi-purpose furniture for different work areas.‎
Designed by Alegre Design, it has endless finishes and options that allow it to fit in perfectly in all type of workspaces.‎
This soft seating range incorporates integral 3D technology and includes seats, chairs and stools.

The extremely versatile design manages to provide a comfortable and ergonomic solution for different contact spaces and workplaces.‎ Areas that promote the exchange of ideas, formal and informal meetings and communication between team members and that require new furniture, capable of responding to the needs of all types of offices and contact spaces.‎






Enormous capacity for customisation,

The chairs, armchairs and stools are available with metal or wooden bases and in a high versions for bench seating.


A variety of dimensions available to suit your requirements


14+ Weeks


Noom is born from a frame with a smooth shape that serves as a starting point to create hundreds of different personalities, capable of fi tting into any space and time. Wood, metal, upholstery, aluminium and high-density polyurethane are combined to create products that are both durable and welcoming at the same time.


10 year