Bosselino Phone Booth

Bosselino Phone Booth
by Dauphin

The Bosselino by Bosse is a mini office that delivers exceptional comfort and utility through considered design. Space-saving, quickly assembled and made for disruption-free working: Bosselino is a flexible place to retreat to for creativity and communication. Bosselino scores with clever features like wall mount brackets, which make it possible to hold video calls at eye level, and a storage board for extra work space.

Acoustic panels and a well-thought out design helps keep disruptive ambient noise stays outside and confidential conversations inside the cube. Certified according to DIN EN ISO 16283-1 to 35 decibels measured from the interior.


Available in a selection of fabrics and finishes. Please enquire for further information.


Acoustics: sound insulation value of up to 35 dB.
Electrification: 1x on-site power connection (230V/50Hz) for lighting, ventilation and sockets
Ventilation: building-independent ventilation of the product by silent fans. Air exchange performed with ambient air. Noise per fan 16.4 dB.
Direct illumination: LED downlights from Brumberg in suspended ceiling panel.
External panel: Melamine
Interior panel: Acoustic Polo fabric
Polo fabric: polyester, IN EN 1021-1/2 fire behaviour
Acoustic carpeting: Xerra T-Sonic, bitumen acoustic felt backing, Cfl-s1 (B1) fire behaviour, alpha w 0.30 sound absorption level
Glass: single-pane safety glass 8 mm (ESG)
Ceiling: 30mm Multiplex Oak
Suspended ceiling: 13mm particle board
Corner posts and screens: steel
Floor: 30mm Multiplex Oak with laminated carpet
Door: wooden frame door (revolving door) of 30mm Multiplex Oak and 8mm safety
glass (ESG), two steel hinges in black, door handle trim made of oak


Width: 975mm x Height: 2140mm x Depth: 975mm