Bosse Telephone Booth

In the Bosse telephone cube 2.0, you will not only find peace and quiet but also height-adjustable desk and shelf areas as an optional extra. This makes it the perfect place of retreat to work on less time-consuming projects. The front and back of the Bosse telephone cube 2.0 are always made of glass. The inner side walls feature an acoustically effective wood finish or fabric, and the outer walls can optionally be designed as a whiteboard. The cover on the floor and ceiling panels aids sound absorption. The door rests against them and thus safeguards soundproofing. 




Magnetically closing door with high-quality door hinges secure a soundproof door closure.

Inside wall optionally as an acoustically effective wooden panel in a white Aland pine decor with a functional rail.

The desk and shelf, which has an integrated Netbox Point and can easily have its height adjusted, provides a power and network connection.

The carpet covering on the base plate is acoustically effective and supports the soundproof closure of the door.


The Bosse telephone cube 2.0 has a base area measuring 1.25 x 1.21 m. It is around 2.40 m high and installation requires a ceiling height of 2.55 m


12-14 weeks


The front and fixed panels are available in a variety of colours and materials. 

The outsides can also optionally be configured as a whiteboard.

The fixed walls installed inside the cubes are made from acoustically effective fabric panels, available in a variety of fabric colours. 


10 years