Idea Wall

Designed by Bene with Co Creation studio
Sketchboard, Flow, Paper, Capture

The Idea Wall is an innovative multimedia surface that promotes a totally new kind of teamwork.

A complete package consisting of wall products from Bene, hardware components from various providers such as NEC and Anoto, and a smart software package.

In short, it is a system that creates a digital creative collaboration space, promoting inspiration and ideas.

The results of creative meetings, presentations or brainstorming sessions can be saved or sent electronically, supporting and documenting the innovation process.

The idea wall has been designed and developed to consider the user experience of everyone. With various users in mind the Idea Wall kit of parts was developed. User research was conducted on integration and use of the idea wall with the following considerations made for – the introvert, the extrovert, remote worker, internal/external worker.

The unique technology by Hoylu allows for intuitive and friendly usability. Together the Idea wall offers a new way of working that ensures that every participant is actively involved.


Anywhere / Anytime
Up to 7 people at any one time can work simultaneously on creating content sketching, writing or navigating either remotely or within the space.
Anything drawn or written on the sketchpad will be available to anyone, anywhere in real time.
Vector graphics – Anything created can be enlarged, minimised and scaled as often as wanted without changing losing quality or resolution and exported as a raw file type.
Runs smoothly with cloud based software, skype and/or multimedia calls, anyone can join in on the wall from anywhere at any time.
Those who prefer to work on paper can project their work onto the wall by writing in the notepad.
Suitable for extroverts and introverts within a team environment
Paper to wall appears in realtime
Content in groups – work on content altogether from anywhere in the room, on the wall or remotely
Pens – contain the software and incorporate cameras inside the tip, Rechargeable
Replay – replays how content was created from start to finish, from anywhere.
Paper can be printed on A5, A4, A3 printed with the special Anoto patented microdot pattern, which is not visible to the naked eye.
The Anoto digital pen works like a normal ballpoint pen, only with a built-in camera, microchip, memory, a battery and a Bluetooth module.
If you write on Paper the pen records its current position 100 times per second. The data stays in the pen’s memory and is then transferred via Bluetooth.
The position of the Anoto pen on the Anoto microdot grid is detected at a resolution many times greater than the resolution projected.
The results are precise, vector-based notes and sketches which include even the very smallest of details and can be selected and scaled as often as required without losing any quality or resolution.
The pen can also be used offline away from the Idea Wall, the pen will transmit data afterward.
Takes snapshots, Bluetooth document to wall




Includes Caddy for PC and software


Option 1.

Idea wall on Nooxs a free-standing wall that does not interfere with the building structure.

Option 2.

Idea wall on Frame S a freestanding wall on castors, that can be positioned in existing transitional collaboration spaces with the option to pack away afterward.


10 - 12 weeks


10 years