Krossi Freestanding Workstation

Krossi height adjust workstations. 

Krossi caters to individual needs as well as team environments. Desks and tables in various sizes can be designed to accommodate standing and sitting work postures throughout private offices, collaborative spaces and meeting areas. Supporting different types of connections, Krossi encourages awareness, interaction and collaboration between people and teams. Unique to the system, Krossi supports fixed height and height
adjustability within a single cluster, providing flexibility of choice.

Fostering greater agility across a wide range of work spaces, it allows people to alternate between sitting and standing, and to adjust their environment to support their needs.

We recommend each work point be approx 1300-1800L x 600-800Dmm

Krossi freestanding desks can be configured to suit your requirements, we have the expertise to customise top shapes to suit the specification.




Fixed, single or dual stage electric-height adjust, round profile legs very stable at standing height

Compatible with a range of accessories and screens

Dual stage height adjust range 610 - 1200Hmm

Single stage height adjust range 610 - 900Hmm


Worktops can be a variety of sizes and dimensions to suit your requirements.

We recommend each work point be approx 1300-1800L x 600-800Dmm


8-10 weeks


Steel structure and legs available in a range of 22 metal powdercoat shades from ColourLab

Tops available in a range of finishes, materials and thicknesses from laminate to veneer


10 year


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