Nooxs designed by Pearson Lloyd for Bene

Partitioning, modular and free-standing the new wall system by Bene creates niches to facilitate collaboration and teamwork. It can be used in many different ways: Nooxs structures open spaces, delineate different work zones and offers differentiated space options for teams and their activities.

Nooxs is a construction kit consisting of solid wall elements which, when joined together into niches, create free-standing room settings. A flexible system that can be installed, dismantled and reassembled in a different configuration without much effort.

Can be integrated with the Nooxs Thinktank to create architecture in space.




Free-standing, flexible and modular.

Quick to assemble, easy to take down and set up somewhere else.

Technology panel takes care of cabling – access through removable panels.


Available in either L, U or H configurations with varying heights and widths

600/800/1000/1200W x 100D x 1600/2200/2500H mm


14+ weeks


Aluminium frame, base and legs

16mm thick chipboard with/without acoustic sound absorbing perforation

Fully upholstered in a range of fabrics or veneers, timbers and laminates

Optional technical elements to retrofit screens, cabling or power integration


10 years


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