Nooxs Think Tank

Designed by Pearson Lloyd for Bene

The Nooxs Think Tank is an acoustic booth that creates a quiet room in any space. Designed in response to the need for quiet in open-plan offices, its able to screen out external noise. Think Tank can be used as a phone booth, a meeting hub or break-out work space.

Nooxs Think Tank is equipped for integrated-ventilation and LED lighting. The glazed elements convey an atmosphere of lightness, curtains and blinds offer optional privacy if desired. Options for use are varied.

Uniquely designed and available in various modular sizes. Think Tank offers high quality comfort, a complete technical infrastructure. Designed to be assembled and disassembled with ease, you can take the Think Tank with you to your next space. Sizes designed to seat 1 - 8 people comfortably. Available in different acoustic settings to suit your desired noise protection: Acoustic level 1 or Acoustic level 2 upon request.

Nooxs Think Tank can be integrated with Nooxs Walls to create, transform and partition spaces. Essentially you are able to create an interior space that is entirely interchangeable, and relocatable.





Free-standing and completely self-sufficient.

Interchangeable and extendable with Nooxs walls

Complete technical infrastructure.

Integrated ventilation and lighting.

High degree of noise insulation.

Low assembly time.

In four sizes for 1-8 people.


14+ weeks


Walls available in a range of colours and fabrics


10 year


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