Timba Table

Designed by Pearson Lloyd for Bene.

Wood is the key characteristic design element of TIMBA. The name was chosen due to its phonetic similarity to the word "timber".
The legs of the TIMBA table are made from solid oak, either in a natural finish or stained in graphite, and are connected to a frame of shaped wood which is varnished in platinum or anthracite.  The legs are slightly tapered and become thinner towards the floor. The high quality, natural material gives an impression of appreciation, stability and warmth. 




 "Turntable" in the centre of the table top.  It covers the recessed hollow of the "Power Bowl", where power and network connections can be found.

The turntable is available in two shapes, depending on the geometry and size of the table top: either circular or rectangular with gently rounded corners

The table top of the TIMBA table can be selected in four shapes: round, rectangular and square with rounded edges and a model with a special "soft-edge" square shape.

For the standing height version, the table legs and table frame are reinforced with metal struts that can be are varnished in black or white.


The smallest table surface is a circle with a 1m in diameter; the largest is a rectangle shape of 1400 x 3200mm.

The TIMBA table is also available for standing heights of 1,070mm in addition to the classic seating height of 740mm.


14+ weeks


Various table top colours.

Available in Melamine, MDF or Solid Wood

Powder Coated Steel


10 year