Urban Plus

Urban Plus Designed by Actiu.
Urban is a family of chairs with a constructive concept of open architecture which allows multiple configurations. A versatile and universal product which offers various solutions through a range of models.
An extensive range of upholsteries and technical meshes, offering the comfort and robustness required for each application.




Delicate, light, technological and robust.

A versatile and universal product offered over a variety of models.

Cylindrical & Cantilever versions stackable.

85% Recyclable.


4 Cylindrical legs: 870H x 450W x 535D x 470SHmm

Wheels: 870H x 520W x 535D x 470SHmm

Cantilever: 870H x 520W x 560 D x 470SHmm

Self Return & 4 Feet base: 870H x 500W x 552D x 470SHmm

Gas Lift: 840-950H x 675W x 657D x 470-530SHmm

Knee Tilt: 840-950H x 675W x 657D x 420-530SHmm

Draughtsman: 1040-1200H x 675W x 657D x 590-840SHmm


Ex Stock / 14+ weeks


Upholstery backrest available in a variety of colours.

Steel legs in silver, white, black or chrome.


10 year