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The vision for ANZ Sylvia Park’s new workplace was to create an environment that reflected 3 key principles:

Connection, Community and Flexibility.

Working alongside Warren and Mahoney, Kada and ANZ were challenged with creating a solution that met the original brief: “What is the ideal workplace of 2025?”

The answer?

A workplace, where ANZ employees feel connected to the work they produce, feel a sense of community amongst their colleagues and are able to find freedom and flexibility within the spaces.

Bene Think Tanks are scattered throughout the levels in response to the need for quiet in an open-plan office without creating ‘fixed or permanent’ spaces. Their flexibility and reconfigurability allow the ANZ team to customise how they are used.

Vitra Dancing Walls are used across the floorplan as plant walls, workable surfaces and AV solutions. They offer a flexible and functional mobile partition, creating delineation of space.

Vitra Workbays are tucked away in different areas of the fit-out and offer the perfect touchdown point for quick face to face meetings.

Schiavello Agile Tables are installed on the main level as a reception table and a meeting table. They cater to independent seated work, and impromptu standing meetings, providing different levels of formality and flexible work points.

Bene Pixel boxes are a necessity to ensure there is a customisable solution for staff depending on their needs, particularly with team tasks. Pixel brings a new dimension in team working and meeting culture to the workplace, creating playground-like spaces that encourage lively group dynamics and creativity.

The final result for ANZ Sylvia Park is an agile and empowering space that creates a feeling of reprieve in a busy urban environment.


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