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ANZCO Foods, one of New Zealand’s largest exporters, set out with a brief to develop a professional and functional new office environment, with multiple spaces for engagement, collaboration and different types of working.

With a focus on modern design and clean lines, Kada aimed to ensure procurement was considered and enhanced visual harmony throughout the fit-out.

Sit to stand workstations were utilised to encourage movement in the workplace and custom planter units were installed to break up the workstation pods. Planter tambours were used throughout the fit-out for storage purposes.

Actiu Longo booths and locally made Modulo settings were used to create informal meeting spaces and provide acoustically sheltered places for collaboration or concentration.

Schiavello Palomino chairs and Tango tables were used for reception and waiting areas and allowed employees a space to have a quick touch down chat between meetings. Inside the meeting rooms, Vitra Softshell chairs were featured.

The final result is an office environment that supports wellbeing, teamwork and productivity. The new ANZCO office has allowed employees to take charge of their work and has enhanced their interactions with peers. Feedback has shown that overall, employees have become more social and have a wider exposure to the business as a whole.




Jason Mann



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