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Auckland Transport

Auckland Transport

Kada seamlessly carried out the design and installation of customised steel lockers for Auckland Transport.

The intent was to provide 1600 workers efficient and secure storage across six levels, with aesthetics a key focal point being a major design consideration. Kada also supplied mobile whiteboards across all working areas. Kada’s project team worked closely with the Telco design team in order to understand the design vision and curate a system of lockers that would work within the confines of the logistical and structural factors set in place.

The strength of the project lay in the capable hands of the Kada logistics and project team. Our experienced logistics lead understands the complex economic trade, transportation and manufacturing regulations and conditions involved within the suppliers realm. Kada’s project team holds the expertise to make it simple and dealt with all aspects under full control where any issues experienced were rectified, quickly.

Despite being faced with the challenging environment of working alongside multiple projects occurring simultaneously within the site, our projects team organised deliveries and installations without major drawbacks.  The installation of the lockers was planned to take place over an 8-week period. The locker bays required earthquake strengthening, Kada developed a cost-effective and customised solution and built a structural grid under the bays to connect the units to the floor plate of the level.

Regular project meetings with the Auckland Transport, Kada and facilities and logistics project team meant the project progressed smoothly meeting budget, delivery and installation that was initially guaranteed. This has established a relationship where Kada continues to work closely with the AT project team for any additional work. The final outcome of the locker bays was a striking design statement, a timeless design where form meets functionality.


Viaduct Harbour Avenue, Auckland Central