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The beautiful GridAKL project, the first purpose design lab of this nature in New Zealand was completed through Jasmax earlier this year in June. We worked with Jasmax and the Grid team on the initial brief, seeking to understand all requirements and showcase a range of products to facilitate everything. We worked within a tight budget and timescale to deliver this space.

The Grid AKL is an innovation space designed for maximum flexibility and collaborative working. The key objectives for these spaces were to catalyze creativity, stimulate opportunities for ‘out of the grid’ thinking and encourage open dialogue.  The Grid’s spatial design is unique and was a growth of a collective experience of co-design practitioners and public innovators who have spent many years developing projects in spaces that were compromised by not offering maximum functional flexibility.

The dynamic churn space is not a co-working space but a purpose designed innovation lab built to support revolutionary thinking. Created with Pixel by Bene, the beautiful Scandinavian ply and pastel tones combine aesthetically to the overall experience. The space is filled with over 100 pixel boxes, designed to be an interactive, collaborative and innovative setting. With pixel boxes being the only furniture, the space is entirely reconfigurable. Pixel can be moved easily and quickly, allowing instant change over when activities change from day to day or hour to hour. We call it ‘lego’ for adults. Bene have been pushing the boundaries of office furniture for over 200 years. With Pixel they are enabling users to create different configurations for all sorts of workshops and activities.

Within this fluid and evolving space GridAKL have already facilitated small workshops, large symposiums  of 70 people, design sessions and a design session with 40 young people designing our future for climate change. Grid’s mission is to grow business, create jobs and embed innovation in the DNA of Auckland.

“Our vision is for GridAKL to be a globally recognised hub for innovation.” Rachael Child.


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