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Simpson Grierson

Simpson & Grierson | Kada
Simpson & Grierson | Kada
Simpson & Grierson | Kada
Simpson & Grierson | Kada
Simpson & Grierson | Kada
Simpson & Grierson | Kada
Simpson & Grierson | Kada
Simpson & Grierson | Kada
Simpson & Grierson

Simpson Grierson’s latest workplace in Wellington embodies their commitment to innovation and prioritizing people above all else.

Located within Wellington’s newly constructed Bowen Precinct, Simpson Grierson required new office space that reflected the values and growth of the firm over time. The 1200m2 workplace required a people-focused office space that delivers a mixture of entertainment, utility, focus and workspace zones in a beautiful new setting.

An extended briefing process was undertaken with the client to ideate, test, and agree on the direction of the fit out. Key points to come out of this were that the client wanted to concentrate on was functionality, people-focused, and innovative. Materials and spatial outcomes that followed this briefing demonstrated a journey through the new fit out through the use of Layering, Reflection, Texture, Refraction, Craft, Smoothness, Transparency & Greenery.

Kada worked with Warren and Mahoney to create a functional open-plan office, that would reflect the types of work that the business manages; both commercial and residential. A space designed to balance modern living and working, as well as a place to collaborate in an exciting environment.

Due to Kada’s longstanding partnership with Warren and Mahoney, we were selected to collaborate on the Simpson Grierson project. After careful consideration and thorough cost comparisons with other suppliers, it was deemed advantageous to have Kada for the entirety of the furniture selection. This decision not only facilitated efficient project management but also fostered the continuation of valuable relationships.

“Step away’ lounge spaces were created through our custom made Modulo Seating, these seating solutions were placed at the perimeter harnessing views and natural light, fostering employee’s needs to unwind, take a moment, or engage in social interaction.

The Burin tables were an excellent addition to the kitchen/break space due to their seamless integration with the office aesthetic. These tables provided an inviting area for employees to gather, have lunch and foster a sense of community within the workspace. In addition, the Burin tables were used as high leaners for informal meetings, the sleek and modern design complemented the overall decor, enhancing the visual appeal of the environment.

Our Elevate workstations, boasting sit-to-stand functionality, were implemented to foster a versatile working atmosphere. These workstations offer convenient under-desk cable management, USB charging ports, and effortless electric height adjustment. Paired with the sleek Series 1 chair from Steelcase, renowned for its refined design, and ergonomic functionality, the ensemble creates a sophisticated and ergonomic workspace.

Kada dedicated significant effort to curate a diverse selection of furniture sourced from our leading international suppliers, alongside locally crafted and designed pieces. Each furniture item seamlessly complements the artistic vision executed by the Warren and Mahoney team, culminating in a collaborative and vibrant atmosphere uniquely tailored to Simpson Griersons workspace.


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