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Worldline | Kada
Worldline | Kada

A new workplace was created for Worldline, New Zealand’s leading paytech provider. In 2022, Worldline required a new workspace in Auckland’s CBD. Seizing upon the opportunity presented by the move to a new office and acknowledging the changes to workplaces brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, Worldline used the relocation to reconsider its workplace approach and future workstyles.

The brief for Worldline’s new office was to create a destination for their employees, a home away from home. The 1300sqm new office needed to be a place people wanted to come into, that provided a workplace buzz and a safe place to work. The goal was a agile and flexible modern office that aligned with the new braining, and a place that brings people together and enhances culture and collaboration.

Kada was approached by STACK Interiors to help create an environment that can be customized and adapted to suit different configurations but also future-proofs their overall design. Our vast range of furniture supports the modern way of working without compromising functionality, which made us the perfect destination for STACK.

Vitra’s Dancing Wall was the ideal answer for the new agile working environment, as it aligned with the new dynamic working approach. Dancing Wall’s main purpose is that of a mobile divider that may be utilised to separate offices into zones while allowing vertical and horizontal workspace. Dancing Wall was completely in sync with Worldlines changing requirements of the modern workspace because of its versatility.

Steelcase Flex Markerboard, Stands and Carts were incorporated to promote versatility and collaboration in the office, allowing ideas to flow and thoughts to be shared anywhere in the workplace. The original concept for Worldline had a fixed bespoke divider to separate open planned spaces, allow for collaboration, and provide writing surfaces. The Flex Markerboards and Stands checked all of these boxes while also allowing for future reconfiguration of the space, and thus was the ideal choice.

Included in the casual area, is Vitra’s Resting Bear, the largest sleeping animal in the creative duo Front’s Resting Animals series. The Resting bear is a knit-covered bear that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as a stool, ottoman, or backrest. It gives a sense of personality to the environment, and the stances emanate a quiet tranquillity.


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