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Agile Wall

Agile Wall

Agile Wall is an agile working wall system, designed to provide flexible partitioning to offices while increasing usable wall space.

A.Works is a New Zealand-based workspace furniture and product design brand dedicated to creating flexible, aesthetically pleasing products that evolve with users’ needs. Their signature Agile Wall system revolutionises workspace design by offering adaptability without the costs and hassles of fixed constructions. The product range at A.Works is engineered to work harmoniously, creating cohesive and dynamic work environments.

The base, frame and corner series are the backbone of the Agile Wall system. They are designed to connect together and stay in place until you rearrange your workspace into a different setting.

Add a.ccessories to your Agile Wall  partitioning system to further customise your layouts. Explore within your workspace, for various options of mobile and re-usable work surfaces, suitable in for any application.


Acoustic: Beehive, Empire and Gherkin
Timber: Oak
Acrylic: Clear
Powder Coating: Matt Black

Special Order
Acoustic: Beehive, Cavalier and Murella
Timber: Ash and Walnut
Acrylic: Frosted
Powder Coating: Matt White


Acoustic tests were conducted to assess the Agile Wall’s ability to attenuate noise between adjacent spaces within a work environment.

Various assemblies of the Agile Wall are tested to assess their efficiency in attenuating sound. Additionally, general noise reduction, including white noise, is measured for each assembly, with decibel reduction readings illustrated to in the chart to the left.

Refer to Acoustic Performance document.


The sizes vary depending on the selected custom configuration.

Refer to Agile Wall Product Sheet.


Environmental considerations are paramount at A.Works, guiding every decision they make. They prioritise using recycled and recyclable materials, such as steel and aluminium, chosen for their durability, functionality, and recyclability.

Warranty +

All full priced Frames – Standard 10 year warranty from the date of delivery against any defects in workmanship.

All full priced accessories – Standard 3 year warranty from the date of delivery against any defects in workmanship.

All warranties are contingent on products being cared for in accordance with the care instructions and user guide supplied.

Lead time+
Approximately: 6 - 10 weeks.
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