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Artek 85 Anniversary Poster

Artek 85 Anniversary Poster
by Artek

Designed by
Karoliina Hellberg
for Artek 2020

Artek commemorated its 85th anniversary in 2020 with this poster by Finnish artist Karoliina Hellberg. The artist created a work on paper reflecting her personal interpretation of Artek: when visiting the private home of architects and Artek co-founders Alvar and Aino Aalto in Helsinki, she was particularly compelled by its exterior, the garden and the terrace, a space Alvar Aalto considered to be a room in its own right.

Karoliina Hellberg’s original drawing is realised in water colour, ink and acrylic paint.


Offset printed in Finland on Keaykolour China White paper. Sold unframed.


Width: 500mm x Height: 700mm


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