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Herringbone Vessels Bowl

Herringbone Vessels Bowl
by Vitra

Created by Raw-Edges, the Herringbone Vessels are made by repeatedly immersing ceramic bowls and vases in a coloured glaze. This process yields a pattern with an intrinsic logic, determined by the dipping angle as well as the shape and weight of the piece. As the dyeing process is performed entirely by hand, each bowl and vase in the Herringbone Collection is a unique object.

Created by Raw-Edges, the Herringbone Collection emerged from the studio’s interest in the technique of immersion dyeing. The transformations of different materials and shapes when parts of them are dipped in a dye bath exert an almost magical fascination on the design duo Shay Alkalay and Yael Mer.


Glazed ceramic, dip-dyed by hand.


Width: 195mm x Height: 1200mm x Dimension: 19500mm

Lead time+
Approximately 18 - 22 weeks.