Kiila Coat Rack

Kiila Coat Rack
by Artek

Designed by
Daniel Rybakken
for Artek 2017

The Kiila Coat Rack, like all pieces in the collection, displays its construction proudly, its wedge joints and pins left purposefully visible. The design is straightforward and clean: twin supports of solid ash connected by a horizontal rack made of bent sheet steel. The connective pins double as hooks for hanging bags and other items, providing even more storage and practical versatility.

Between the 16 hooks and the rack itself, this impressive piece of furniture can accommodate an entire cocktail party – its generous profile allowing a clear overview of everything it holds. Strong enough to support even heavy winter coats, the Kiila Coat Rack provides an elegance meant to last.


Legs: black, clear lacquer
Structure and rail: black, stone white powder coating
Hooks: black, stone white


Legs: Solid ash
Structure: Bent sheet steel
Hooks: Polyamide, dyed
Rail: Steel


Width: 1330mm x Height: 1920mm x Depth: 550mm

Lead time+
Specific variations are in stock. Customised variations available in a 12-14 week lead time