Locker Box

Locker Box
by Vitra

Designed by
Konstantin Grcic
for Vitra 2021

Locker Box (2021) by Konstantin Grcic is a useful tool for carrying all the user’s work materials at home and in the office, and can be easily stored away at the end of the day

Flexible work methods have been transforming our offices for several years now. Work is no longer confined to an assigned desk, but occurs in changing locations – according to whether the task requires productive exchanges with colleagues or quiet concentration. It is therefore practical for employees to always have their personal utensils with them.


Dark grey RE, sea blue RE, deep black RE, brick RE


Side panels:  recycled polypropylene, 100% recyclable.

Tubes:  aluminium.

Fabric:  100% polyester.


W465 x D180 x H330mm

Lead time+
Approximately 12 - 14 weeks (excluding stock)



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