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Talent 300

Talent 300
by Actiu

The Talent 300 has been specially designed for multi-functional and collective spaces. Talent 300 has four wheels with castors, a fixed height and a foldable desk-top. The versatility of the programme creates easily installable learning environments. It adapts easily to meet the needs of different spaces, standing out thanks to its functionality as well as its easy storage and maintenance.


Available in a selection of finishes. Please enquire for further information.

Short Lead: selected finishes available, please enquire directly.


Top: 25 mm melamine with PVC edge and shock absorbing rubber. Foldable with locking/unlocking system.
Injection bracket: aluminium with epoxy paint. Corner joint for attaching columns and crossbars.
Stacking cap: polypropylene
Recessed crossbard with bumper to support the desk top: aluminium
Legs: aluminium with epoxy paint. Stacking protection on the legs.
Wheels: 2 with brake and 2 without brake.
Two different feet positions, angled or straight depending on the vertical stackability required.
Folding system for the work desk-top, using a system in the brackets that features a locking and unlocking position for the mechanism. Folding allows the desks to be stacked, thus saving space. The desks come with a protector on the legs for stacking.
Fast linking device system for desks, permitting different configurations and making the desks stable and ensuring there is no unwanted movement while they are being used.


Available in a range of dimensions. Please enquire for further information.


FSC Certified

Lead time+
Approximately 18 - 20 weeks.

Short Lead: 2 - 4 weeks.


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