Soft Work

Designed by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby for Vitra.

As offices are becoming public spaces, many companies are now creating open and inspiring locations in which employees – or external visitors – can relax, hold meetings or spend the day working. With this in mind, the new seating system Soft Work was devised and developed as a system in which table workstations are focused around a seating landscape

Soft Work offers a versatile platform for both individuals and teams. Besides ergonomic seating options, users also find practical table surfaces, power outlets and charging stations. Mobile tables and chairs can be pulled up as needed and put away again, and the addition of panels creates spaces for quiet, concentrated work. Thanks to its modular concept, Soft Work can be easily assembled into diverse arrangements, enabling architects to structure the internal spaces of a building, create specific focal points, or define flexible public areas.





Sophisticated construction.

Arm-mounted desks are movable and enable diverse seating and working positions.

Power sockets are located between the seat cushions.

Partition screens can be used to divide up zones and create quiet sheltered spaces.


A range of dimensions available to suit your space.


12-14 weeks


Available in Vitra range of fabrics 


10 year


  • Download Soft Work Sketch Book