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Flex Huddle Hub

Flex Huddle Hub
by Steelcase

Steelcase designed the Flex Huddle Hub to support teams in organic and informal collaborative moments. It creates dynamic team neighbourhoods that adapt on-demand, allowing teams to show the flow and personalisation of their space. Its unique 55° curvature creates a welcoming environment, empowering users to stay active and engaged during team sessions. Flex Huddle encourages everyone to stand, perch, side-by-side to “think together”, designed to move, expand and contract with team needs. From its uniquely curved whiteboard to its tackable wall and smooth caster wheels, teams can create ad hoc environments for collaboration. Flex Huddle Hub encourages people at work to get out of passive behaviours and become more physically and emotionally engaged in the creative process.


Laminate: Standard Steelcase colour selection

PET: Grey or Dark Grey

Fabric: Steelcase Era, Medley or Otto fabric ranges


High performance curved 1397mm whiteboard

Fins: Two metre high fins as a reference point and provides wayfinding in an open-plan environment

Device holder: Supports digital and analog tools that can easily swivel out of the way when not in use.

Shelf: A home for the team essential tools can be easily stored

Hook: Flex collection felt accessories easily integrate using the hook to keep supplies within easy reach.

Tackable Wall: Express the team’s culture by allowing a range of materiality options.

Two simple configurations “The Courtyard” (S-shape) and  “The Arena” (C-shape) utilising two units.


Curved: Width: 1894mm x Height: 2000mm x Depth: 682mm


AFRDI Green tick Certification

SCS Indoor Advantage Gold

Lead time+
12-14 weeks