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Flex Active Frames

Flex Active Frames
by Steelcase

Steelcase Flex Active Frames are adaptable structures that define space. Flex Active Frames provide teams with a place they can call their own—a space that gives them just the right amount of shelter and privacy to do their best work, creating a productive, flexible, and inspirational hub for teams. Active Frame’s grided style structure allows for short or long-term configuration and provides the adaptability needed in a resilient and changing workplace. As team and workplace need change, so do Active Frames. Add doors and locks to create personal lockers or increase the height and width for more privacy in an area. Active Frames can support a wide range of needs in the open office


Frame: 10 x Steelcase Standard paint colours

Shelves: 10 x Steelcase Standard paint colours

Soft infills PET: Dark Grey, Mid Grey, Light Grey, Flax, Sea Salt and Denim.

Hard infills Laminate: 9 x Standard Steelcase colours.

PET Boards: Light Grey.


Infills: PET or Laminate infills can be added to the frame to provide structure, different levels of enclosure and a distinctive style.

Doors. With closed storage options, doors help organise the team’s tools and keep work neatly tucked away. Including a soft fabric pull handle and a locking option.

Fixed boards: Pin-tackable, fixed PET boards or fixed markerboards. To allow for collaboration and display

Board Clips: Detachable board clips that can be added to host the Flex markerboards in either a verticle or horizontal manner.

Active Frame Accessories: Cable Management Clips, Bookends and Coat Rod.


Assorted sizes depending on the configuration.

Standard configurations include Waterfall, L-Shape, Low Boundary, End of Run, 4 High, 5 High. Work Bend and Work Island


FSC Certification
Green Tick Certification
Blue Tick Certification

Lead time+
Approximately 118 - 22 weeks.