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Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden
by Schiavello

Designed by
Joost Bakker
for Schiavello 2004

Vertical Garden by Joost Bakker combines industrial sculpture with living plants to create a space-efficient indoor garden. Inspired by biophilic design, it aims to boost health, wellbeing and happiness in living and working spaces. Shelves can be used for potted plants, as well as storage for books and other ornamental objects. The grids can also be displayed as a room divider, either indoors or outdoors. Offering a range of single and grid modules, Vertical Garden houses 3-12 plants, suitable for a project of any size.

Research indicates that contact with nature has a restorative effect on people, helping us deal with day-to-day stress to increase our performance and happiness. Exposure to greenery supports concentration and helps maintain a healthy mindset, as well as reducing workplace illness, sick-leave absences, stress and negativity.


Available in a selection of finishes. Please enquire for further information.


Made of steel
Accessories include pot holder, weight, shelf, ceiling bracket, extra weight, joiner bracket, ceiling bracket, drip tray


Available in a range of dimensions. Please enquire for further information.


Red List Free Certification
Greenguard Certificate of Compliance

Lead time+
Approximately 8 - 10 weeks